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    Perhaps it could be considered #brave to witness such things happening to loved ones; and to face, thwart, and overcome death multiple times, on behalf of others.

    by lovenotes_from_carolyn
    Death assailed her ghastly lips
    Stark white they were, within its grips
    The pallor seen, as yet unspoken
    Their healthy sheen, an absent token

    Death assailed unblinking eyes
    Turned heavenward, by their demise
    Dilated now, wild, unstaring
    Proved how poorly she was faring

    Death assailed her wobbly legs
    Made noodles of the once strong pegs
    Her weight, no longer could they hold
    A fated future they betold

    Death assailed her spoken voice
    Gone missing now, against her choice
    No screams, nor whispers, not a squeak
    Her vocal cords left mute and weak

    Death assailed her beating heart
    I prayed and prayed it would restart
    Barely a thump within that chest
    Silent now, in need of rest

    Death assailed her, Lord 'tis true
    Skin from head to toe 'twas blue
    Vascular, was this restriction
    The folly caused by drug addiction

    I beg thee please, cherish your life
    All are subject to such strife
    Seek out comfort, peace, and joy
    A therapist, you might employ

    Death assailed her, I've seen it twice
    This artifice does not play nice
    Yet here I stand, through tears I've cried
    And not a once, have left her side

    Death you fool, you've come too soon
    For you, we'll neither bow nor swoon
    I cast thee back to depths of hell
    By now, you know me very well

    Assail you may, but win you'll not
    It's me, you fool - have you forgot?
    Make haste, be gone, your ruse is done
    Give up, retreat, you have not won

    I'll peel my loved ones from your hands
    I'll overcome you, where you stand
    I'll warn you once more, loud and clear
    Away with you, dare not come here!
    ©lovenotes_from_carolyn 1/17/2022

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