• alxndr_ 76w

    Being committed

    It shifting, can't be locked on
    Lost focus, my thoughts gone
    The talk, I need with myself, about
    Choosing a book on the best shelf
    Pick something good, stay with it
    Something legit that I can't quit
    I can put the time and live for it
    Nothing but just being committed
    Something I'm not just dragging
    Got up in the morning with passion
    Creating what I wanna do for a living
    Searching for a cliff that looks hard
    But I know I got the skills to take part
    Now make it really easy for me
    I'm on the journey that I wanna be
    Doesn't matter where or what I pick
    It's what I did, what I felt really click
    Don't wait around for life to choose
    Go after a life you don't wanna lose.