• spicywords 87w

    Sacred Mind

    The proportionality of hardwork to success is null
    People get jobs now with just a phone call
    The heart is filled with scars
    Is ripped apart and my ventricles are dispersed
    Real love is scare.
    Any envagelism I discard

    I wish beyond my contentment.
    I look forth to the spotlight coming
    After the interview, cant wait for the appointment
    In my ears , all I can hear is the success humming .
    The eagerness , regardless still wont settle for less.
    The new job came through, sony brand like I guessed.

    My worth wont halt just because I want to please the boss.
    Mr CEO haven't you ripped enough.
    The taxes , food meant for the masses , making them Hungry to their asses.
    People now complain, you are still angry because they come plain
    About their problem, you became solemn .
    You couldn't sorosoke now we are following your wicked acts like karaoke.