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    ~when the cloud
    bestows mizzle
    that fondles with the hot tennis ball
    stagnant in the sky
    it manifest hues of v i b g y o r
    hanging like bars
    with flavours of laugh
    rolling till the surface of the earth.

    ~when the sea
    bring it's fingers
    to pat the sand
    it whispers till entity
    we shall weave sandstones
    and donate our soul
    for everyone to brush it with
    touch of laugh and love
    cascading down the anatomy of ours.

    ~when the tree
    shields the nest of bird, sparrow
    and hollows an abode for owl
    it nourishes the family
    not it's own but somehow
    knitting leaves and scribbling fruits
    tries to hide it's scars underneath
    and gifts with perpetual laugh.

    ~when the zephyr yawns
    to whirl with flowers
    to carry the bunch of odour
    in valleys and plains
    laughs the atmosphere there
    with delight to feel resonance of love.