• gunjita 137w

    A Beautiful Day

    Okay so you were not interested to attend that party
    How boring? Still no choice !!

    After 30 mins

    Hair done, liner done ,earings done
    Dress done, makeup done, all was done.

    Looking pretty beta ! My aunt said,
    Thanks a lot , foundation helped.

    Posing for cameras , Instagood
    What a pic dude , delighted my mood

    High heels with rainy weather was a bad choice
    Along with long duppatta , extremely wrong choice

    Almost slipped , eyes wee closed
    Save me god , send someone known

    Felt someone holding me ,
    Still for some time , staring me

    Opened my eyes was a handsome one
    Those pretty eyes , I was done.

    Heartbeat fastened , blood running out of lane
    Make Him mine , I said to my brain

    What a romantic seen,my friend flashed again
    And that snapshot just , breaked our play

    Alas Helped me !! Asked you okay?
    Absolutely not , please be my bae

    Thanks I'm good had to say
    Oh My God ! What a beautiful day.