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    If hope is a lover then it'd be a clingy one.It wakes me up every morning with a tight hug. Makes me sip all the love the sun is radiating through the white see through curtains.Makes me eat the breakfast tightly clutching my hand until the last bite disappears inside my mouth and the chewing sound comes to an end. Makes me walk in the garden on the green grass holding my left hand till the last ray of morning sun slips into my skin ruining the overthinking that's been turning my skin into pale yellow.
    If hope is a lover.It'd be a loving one.

    If poetry is a lover then it'd be the one with some healing mantras locked up in his pocket waiting to spill them on me on some dark nights when breathing seems difficult.Makes me write long love letters to myself.Makes the nausea in my veins nauseated of self love. Makes me slip into blanket of felicity and wrapping me in its arms & making my heart swell with serenity.
    If poetry is a lover. It'd be a calm one.