• thewordplayer 57w

    within self forged walls
    I lie barren,
    next to the casket
    sprayed with gore drenched lilies,
    holding back for my ménage
    to finish thine rosaries.

    The walls,
    they be besieging
    while the roof
    be plummeting,
    fast enough
    to swallow me,
    while I lie flat,
    and arms open
    to embrace my long lost love,
    my demise.

    With every dawn,
    I flirt with the edge of the roof
    if a fall would vow
    for my killing.
    With the rise of dusk,
    I pull out the knife
    concealed under my pillow,
    caressing the edges
    the number of slits
    enough to free my wrist.

    Tonnes of ways to die.
    Yet that one voice
    from within
    that desists me,
    wrests me from my collar
    and murmurs in my ear
    "Don't die fella,
    is she worth it?
    don't give her the pleasure."
    Heaps of reasons to kill myself,
    yet I take a deep breath
    Light on my reefer
    and tell myself
    "Yes, I am suicidal
    but probably I won't die, not today"


    Even the strongest amongst us have had their share of cold nights, the ones with prettiest smiles have cried behind closed doors. A shoutout to everyone who struggles to figure out reasons to wake up next morning. You are strong.. and no reason is worth committing that thing you have in your mind. It all gets better sooner or later, breathing gets easier, smiling takes up less effort. Just hold on, you are strong, strong enough to fight whatever is trying to kill you

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