• pa_luck 26w

    The recalls never let them fade away.
    The shades change but not the shadows !


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    I wake up from my
    alert subconscious
    at right angles
    bent on my wrongs.

    I rub off the biting beasts
    pinch them back to reality
    that keep crawling the infinite miles
    and intern them into ignominy.

    The semicircular pits store
    some salt and more ashes
    from my given up stoical stories
    that gives me a silver maquillage touch.

    I revisit instances never intentions
    that lived a little longer than
    the length of my legs on bed
    folded to push the heavy chest.

    I haven't slept since
    my eyes have seen
    mounting ages, come to cover
    shrewd sins into semblance.

    My swarthy skin folds
    stand out in a sable sabbat
    where I'm found half bestrewed
    and half flagged on a spine.