• shadesofyu 8w

    Am I really there yet?

    There comes a time,
    When you are right there,
    But you are not really there yet,
    When you feel that you have given enough,
    But you haven't really given enough,
    When you feel that you can't do it anymore,
    But then again, you can take one more step,
    Maybe it requires only one more step,
    One more sighed relief,
    One more voice in your head,
    Which says, common pick yourself up,
    You can do it,
    You always have done it,
    Even though you feel you have reached the brim,
    Maybe the brim isn't really the brim,
    Maybe one more sip of water can be filled,
    Only if you get up and see,
    How much more is required,
    For that one piercing pain,
    And after that is that finish line,
    You can see it,
    But you feel you won't reach it,
    But it's just one step away,
    I ain't joking or giving you a fake hope,
    It's just one step towards that finsh line, my love,
    And as you turn back, you see,
    That line vanished,
    Not because you crossed it,
    But because this line was there, but then again, was it?