• ursanonymous_ 35w

    #love yourself

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    LET IT GO.

    Stop dear !! look carefully out there,
    Whom you want is only not fair.

    Don't try too hard on getting other,
    Just accept it, life still gives you a chance another.

    You have to resist from being that interruption,
    For yourself,only you have the best assumption.

    Yes! it's true you lost your time,
    But remember the mistakes are healed by time.

    Walk cautiously in the world of chaos,
    You are surrounded by demons who think they are the boss.

    It's not your fault you just tried a lot,
    Trust me! next time ignoring it will help you a lot.

    Take some time to embrace yourself with all the love,
    You deserve better than what you wanted to love.

    And a reminder about the goals you missed!!
    Run!! Your journey is still waiting and success to get kissed.

    Past can't control the present or future,
    It's only you whose hard work can nurture.

    You are strong,pretty,exquisite and many more,
    Don't just be the material which is always tore.

    Sometimes people who make you feel low,
    Are meant to make you say," let it go."