• vatsa_23 33w

    It was 6:20 PM. The weekend was finally over and it was time to go back to college again. With heavy bags in my hands filled with snacks, I was glancing at my train which was swiftly slowing down on the platform.

    Like others, I too rushed to get into the compartment. The one thing that I always loved staying in another city was, that you get used to climbing busy buses and trains. You have your own tricks to climb first in between all the crowd. I climbed in, started looking for my reserved seat while rafting through the small path between the seats with a big bag in my hand and pushing people who were not giving the way.

    I found my seat. With heavy heart, told the fellow to get up from the window seat as it was mine. He told me to adjust in the aisle seat but I refused because even being a grown-up, I always prefer window seats. He stood up with his giant upset face, I adjusted my luggage with other random luggage on the shelves. As I sat down, the train had already picked up the pace.

    It was a beautiful evening, I took out my earphones, plugged it in, tilted my head on the window as my favourite playlist was humming in my ears and closed my eyes. The wind was gushing into my face and it was a lovely feeling. The feeling was lovely because the pandemic was finally over and we all were getting back together.

    And suddenly from those whistling sound of the wind passing by, I could hear loud noises. I opened my eyes and I found myself at the driver's seat. My hands were no longer on the train window. My favourite playlist was playing in the car and not my ears.

    We were at a railway crossing. It was the same train crossing in front of my eyes in which I used to travel to home and college. The pandemic wasn't over. Nostalgia had hit hard. I had tears. I was missing my normal life.