• ranakhushii 49w


    I could see the ocean remaining silent as the sun slowly goes below the horizon with the sky turning to light, dusky purple with tiny silver stars. The cool breeze was shoothing enough to remove all my pain. As I slip off my slippers and let my feet feel the wet sand I see a silhouette of person.
    My eyes couldn't concede probably my heart could feel after all he was once a special person who had rented my heart forever.
    All of a sudden, I could see all the memories(good and bad) flashing back as if I was reminiscing those moments. Impulsively tears rolled down my cheeks but I'd no courage to wipe them off.
    Everything seemed blur when suddenly I could feel someone's fingers wiping off my tears. To my surprise, it was him. He smiled and asked, "Is everything fine?" I nodded and then he left.
    Thousands of questions were again left unanswered nor would these questions mean anything now. But I made up my mind that today I would ask him, yell at him, cry in front of him to my heart's content.
    As I called his name I could see the Moon was now with the Ocean sparkling under its moonlight; he turned at me but again what would those questions mean anything now so I said, "Nothing. The moon's still my favourite ".