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    Challenge accepted ♡♡

    Thank you for that tag and that �� line @sumiinked been busy all through the day, so tagging you now.....thanks for you kind lines sweet and don't worry I am from earth only ��

    Hey, thanks for another EDITOR'S CHOICE. Just completed the 5th in miraquill family!!❤ a starting!!

    And also thanks for the ❤ WN (21)

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    My poetical soup filled my heart with appetite
    Appetite that I lost decades ago, heart shattered

    Shattered pieces of glass, and I just stewed, cooking
    Cooking my last jumbled pieces of poetry

    Poetry that I retained more preciously than gold
    Gold which never found a greed in me

    Me, ha me sparing quills in distressing quotes papers
    Papers which imagined my life for me

    Me, again, ha!! If miraquill hadn't posted this chain verse challenge I wouldn't have used me at all, the words I hate at any rate