• katladyt_ 54w

    Next Steps

    While he tries hard to forget
    And let his bruised heart move on and heal
    All she can do is remember
    And longs again for hers to feel

    As the scattered bits of his old life
    Keep slowly shedding away
    She's counting up her happy times
    And how they've long begun to fade

    While he's learning how to cope
    And do all he can to rid the pain
    She's holding on to memories
    Of her wanting him again

    But the longer the memories linger
    The more they replay inside her head
    And instead of staying where they're safe
    They're typed on her phone screen instead

    So now while he's trying to figure out
    What next steps are along his path
    She's trying to be patient
    And let their lives unfold as they hath

    But if neverending thoughts exist
    Even ones held tightly in their hearts
    What's to be lost in sharing them
    If it helps him find a place to start