• _rantings_of_a_shy_soul_ 9w


    She saw him standing right in front of her, his dark black eyes fixed on her as if piercing her soul. And that's when all her restraint left her. She let herself drop into his arms breaking into a pool of tears that had been building up within her for years. Her eyes blurred, she couldn't see. But, she didn't need to.. Anymore. For now, she was safe. She FELT safe than ever before.

    She ran towards her and clutched him hard, her body shaking as she crushed herself against his, as if she feared that if she loosened her grip on him, he would run away... Again. But this time, he held her too, firmly, stroking her head gently as if it was a silent, unspoken gesture of letting her know, of letting her believe of how unforgivingly sorry he was, for what he did to her and that he was never going to leave her. NEVER. This time, he had come to stay. Forever.

    She buried her face in his chest and cried. Cried for what seemed like hours, making his shirt wet. And he let her cry as long as she wished, occasionally whispering, soothing words in her ears that longed to hear his voice, and planting a loving kiss on her head, for he knew how much she needed to let it all out.

    They sat like that, entwined in each others arms until her puffed up eyes couldn't hold them any longer and gently they closed shut. After years of tormented days and nightmarish nights, she finally had a peaceful sleep which she so long craved. And he smiled to himself in relief, wiping a trickle of year from her eyelash, convinced that at last she was in harmony.