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    Dear Irrfan,
    I never realized how much of an inspiration you were for me, until today. When I heard the heartbreaking news from my father and ran in the bathroom to shed a tear or two.
    I haven't seen much of your cult classics but am fortunate enough to have witnessed some. And as everyone is saying the loss is more personal than we expected it to be. I've loved every part of you; from Shaukat to Champak, to Rana to Yogi and every single character you ever played that I saw.
    To be honest, I have a soft corner in my heart for Yogi cause when I first saw the film I just hoped I would find the Yogendra kumar Devendranath Prajapti urf Viyogi to my Jayshree TK.
    I cannot come to terms with the news still...
    As when the words first struck my ears; my heart deeply hoped that the news was fake... but it isnt.
    You are actually gone.
    But; but... You will always be the actor we needed and the inspiration we craved.
    I just hope you find your peace in the heavenly Adobe and look down at us with the charming smile you always had.

    With all due respect and love,
    A fan

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    Dear Irrfan,