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    You attract me the same way moon attract sea tides
    Those push and pulls you create has symphony of its own
    I will fill your fantasies with my seductive moans

    Your teasing and i m begging for more
    I will not mind to be yours lifetime sexy whore..
    A little touch of your fingers diging for more creates a tusunami in my core

    Trust me i will be a fire.. hard to control, let me taste you with all my soul..
    Smack your lips from my mouth to neck moles....afterall we are two charged points of an electric dipole...

    Give me all your pain and sins tonight ... i will not judge you but punish you only with my little bites...
    The changing lust in your eyes makes me sometime fierce sometime quiet..

    Its not the kisses you will plant but your heavy breathes under my neck makes me more wild...
    Maybe sometime i'll not let you out like a stubborn child...
    How much i want it more not you but i will decide...

    This is the way i want you to love me .. may be a little more intense...hope you will finsh me whole and not left with unleft climax

    Let your gravity pull me away..some dirty things all you need to say

    The alluring tidal forces you create....and in respone pleausres waves my curves genrates.....
    Be my moon for evry night and i promise i'll be always your sea tide


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    You attract me the same way moon attract sea tides