• _breathe__ 110w

    ...And almost then, when you left me with the isolation of love,
    The peach colour of my cheeks turned red with the dilemma either to stop you from betraying me again or let you go ahead, ahead in the apartment where you are gonna get that;
    But I preferred to smile, like always,
    A dirty smirk, yea the one you get annoyed of everytime, for I knew I would smash you with my philanthropic feelings which are quite ugly to your pretty-tender face and Luke warm to your denounced soul just thinking about if ever we met, or we spoke after years though, what will be our conversation?
    Silence or take no notice of our existence.
    Well, I can't lie because my earlier ones were enough,
    I will ask you about the time you spent without me, the moment when my air hugs visited you but your cold shoulder turned around just to get consoled by my bitter kisses on your palms,
    I will cry and take your tears out, to gladden my seclusion in my claustrophobic room filled with your touch, your presence, your aroma, your sweet deceptions, I will ask you about the calculations of my broken bangles in returned gift and wait, there are infinite things I've kept in my throat about the infinitely small piece of fiction-about our love.
    Still, when I randomly see your blank display pictures with no status-abouts shown, the name saved my moon looses it's moonlight but though, If i try to check out your new-catharsitic eyes in these freaking hell social medias, my beats go mad like a broken meteor.
    Oh damn shit! See, I can't change, likeways even today I am on roll to speak. Is there anything you have there in your heart? Oops, sorry see again I forget there wasn't anything for me there,
    Your eyes deceived me or my heart got so.
    The denigration I got with the fantasy I live with your intimacy actually brought me as an omniscient of worldly wisdom in reality
    In just a pity short age and I am grateful to that but wonder about your countless gifts of dysthymia....

    /a letter that was saved as a diary entry/



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    "Were that your eyes that deceived or was it my heart that got so? "