• somanynames 56w

    The Naked Girl

    Don't be an ugly crier,
    You don't want to feel like an apple waiting to get rotten in a brown paper bag.
    So, I clothed with gleams and blings,
    Walked the street of fanciful quixotic
    illusionary town.
    But filled with zero transparency, this town was a camp for the unrest soul.
    Their half shut eyes that hold tears were blankets of dreams and untold stories.
    I found my people, who found solace amidst their chaos.

    Laughing Jackal, they do not play the game.
    Like your untamed eyes, waiting to get a taste of euphoric feeling beneath my skin, they do not run out of breath
    And give compliments.
    Yes, they may run their cups dry but their cups still holds the sweetness, I want.
    With our last cigarette, collage memories stored in the cortex of my brain turns into a motion picture.
    With Aurora lights shining bright like a diamond.