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    Rough Translation In English

    In the small heart of my body
    I have given place to so many
    people but the love I have shown
    To them was never enough
    To express my feeling's towards them.
    So, that's the reason I think everyone
    Leave me nd move on with their life.
    I thought a lot for the reason why
    People leave me so easily but I
    Could never find the reason behind
    That hidden mystery. Then finally
    I got something strange that is
    People around me loved the needs
    They get from me but not the
    True me. In this world people
    Give more importance to needs
    Rather than love nd trust. When
    They need something nd if I'm with
    Them they feel very happy but once their
    Need is over even if I stay with them
    Then no matter what they start me hating.
    In life I lost many valuable things
    And finally I'm even losing you and
    That's really hurting me very badly.
    I thought you loved me for what I'm
    And always loved me more than yourself
    But no I'm totally wrong to think
    Like that because you loved only
    My needs nd never me. I always saw
    Me in you nd loved you for what you are
    And started being with you.
    But then I realized the mistake I'm
    Doing since years. So, now I'm
    Moving away from your life nd vl
    Never trouble you in anyway. Be happy
    With the ones who come to you just
    To fake up love nd use you.
    No matter what I'll keep on loving
    You forever nd ever that's a promise.

    Pure Translation In Telugu

    Na chinna hrudayam lo
    Entho mandiki chotuichanu
    Kani ninu ichina aa prema
    Evariki andaledhu emo
    Andhuke nannu prati okkaru
    Vadilesi vellaru. Ninu entha
    Gano alochichanu karanam emiayi
    Untundhi ani. Kani ippudu naku
    Artamayindhi na chuttu vunna
    Vallaku na prema kanna ekuvaga
    Na avasaram undhi. Ee lokamlo
    Manashulaku prema, nammakam
    Kadhu kavalsindhi valla avasaralu
    Thirche oka vyakthi. Valla avasaram
    Ayipogane anthe inka thesi avthala
    Paresi vellipotharu. Vallaku malanti
    Valla bada, bhavalu tho paniledhu.
    Jeevithamlo enno pogattu kunna
    Dhanni ninu kani ipudu ninnu
    Kuda pogattukovali ante chala
    Badaga undhi. Kani emi
    Cheyaleni paristhithi nadi andhuke
    Inka ninnu vadilesi vellipothunna.
    Nannu nalaga nakanna ekuvuga
    Preminchavu anukunna kani
    Ninu thappu ga alochichanu ni
    Gurinchi nuvvu nannu kadu
    Preminchindhi na avasarananni
    Preminchavu. Kani ninu
    Nilo nannu chusukunna kabatte
    Nuvvu entha maripoyina inka
    Nuvve kavali ani aratapaduthunna.
    Ika epatiki ni jeevitham lo
    Vachi ninnu ibandhi pettanu
    Kshaminchu nannu ee
    Okasari na sahodara.

    Really I don't know very good telugu but just wrote it by some experience. It's the true fact guys people don't love us truly they just love the needs they get from us. Complete shit. Ignore it. I tried my best to translate it in exact English but I couldn't. So, just tried my best hope you understand it.

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