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    I never wrote much about you because these words are always not enough.
    A very happy birthday to you my man!

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    ---A letter to him---

    Never wished me on my birthday but always wishes me on women's day. He inspires, scolds, teaches, guides, loves, cares, suffers, sacrifices, learns, falls but always gets up with a smile.

    No one can dare love me more than he does.
    His sacrifices are like tiny knives to me which leaves him in pain and forces me to see him in wounds.

    He cries but I never saw any tear,
    He complains but I never heard,
    He is the biggest ocean swalloing everything just to show he can bear...but I can hear those screams of your pain in your wet eyes.

    I can never even imagine how big your heart will be where the whole universe learns to trust the process smiling, caring a flower for years, plucking it and handing over to another soul with millions of worries of how he will handle

    He sleeps everyday with so much things inside and wakes me up like he is empty!

    He can fight with the whole world just to protect me! He wants to travel with me and I love sitting behind, holding him tight and listening about his stories, the colors of the world, political fights, cricket exercises, to be a good woman, and his endless talks.

    Before he reads the newspaper, he brings it over to me and forces me to make tea so that I can again have a sip of gossips and laughs from the morning till night just reading and making several competitions with you of love.

    One from millions I pray, everything best in this whole universe. I pray to see you smiling always and forever. I pray to God to never see your end..may you get my birthdays too!

    He may not be best father in this world,
    But he is the best thing i've got in this world as a father.

    And your little daughter loves you so much.

    He is my man, he is my father!