• dipanshu_rautela 49w

    Based on true event.
    #lockdown #poverty

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    Lockdown Sufferings

    Lockdown, I thought, had made my students change.
    That punctual, a bit intelluctual, studious guy hasn't attended class- How strange??

    Made a phonecall to him, I was furious.
    A trembled voice replied, "My son wasn't aware." - How curious?

    The voice was revealing less, I bet, and hiding more.
    I was struggling to figure out, the burden,it bore..

    "Okay" it said,"Sir my son will text you his number, and for delay, I regret"
    Confused I replied, "Thats fine", my head still occupied, I went to bed.

    My WhatsApp blinked, the day after, a participant increased
    "Ah fine!" All the students had joined, I was relieved.

    Still stuck in the uncanny punctuality that participant followed.
    Took and submitted the assignment in the same time interval, hard to, but I swallowed

    Days after, I was confronting, this time more timid,with that old voice again.
    Sir please note the change in my WhatsApp number, sorry for that I will now refrain

    Studies went on, I got more stuck to that voice,
    Still trying to find out what was it keeping in disguise
    Once again, the number changed, and the changing continued
    But the punctuality didn't break, my mind was screwed.

    Enough I said to myself, I will figure it out.
    Called one of his friend to clear my doubt
    I was struck, relaised the pain in the voice so old .
    That boy and his father don't have smartphone , he told!!