• thatspilledink 215w

    You Asked me why do i love you and I was quite.. wondering why would someone not love you. I thought of every single thing I knew about you still wondering what's not to love. It's my instincts that tell me that you are the one and because you are the only person I share my unfiltered thoughts with without the fear of being judged because you don't just ask me if I am ok you make sure that I am because you like things about me that seems clumsy to other people and because you are the one I can share comfortable silence with and smile like it was the best conversation I have ever had because you taught me that intimacy is about comfort and that there's nothing embarrassing about body hairs because you told me that you are in love with every part of me my smile my skin the hairs on the skin the scars stretch marks love handles every single thing I was insecure about and because you are the reason I am falling more and more and love with myself every passing day because you adore me like a baby and treat me like a lady because you didn't just tell me that I deserve the world you actually gave me the word and above all because of the uncondition love you gave for i know it takes courage to love a woman like me.