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    G U F T U G U : گفتگو

    Last night, i slept early. I was supposed to visit the city bookstore to buy Ghalib's clever poetry - My desire to read some beautiful urdu literature took me there. I never considered myself a morning person but that doesn't change the fact that waking up at seher makes me feel like i have an abundance of time and it also changes the complexion of my day. For a week, i was stuck in a constant rut and today i didn't want to be in it again.

    /Sometimes you don't want to rush, you want to experience bliss and stillness. Whether it's a brief moment of gratitude before sipping your hot chocolate in a rainy morning or listening to some of your favorite ghazals on a lawn chair in an autumn evening. I was trying to feel unstuck again. Just trying to be in peace with myself and understanding that i still have a long way to go in getting to know myself.

    I left my home at 7am, right after having a daily-necessary cup of coffee. The air was warm but not hot. It felt like one of those spring days where your head feels light. No real rush to get anywhere, just admiring the minarets and trees towering over me. I walk down the lanes of the city and for the first time it feels like an entirely different world. Maybe i feel this way because my perception of my own self has changed, a fresh new lens just got added to my old collection of perspectives. I see a world of age old restaurants, chai-wala shops and bustling Bazaar, A bazaar where the bandwagon trades spices, nuts and herbs. The street is brimming with the aroma of freshly baked cinnamon bread and khaare biscuits. I saw old country men with big turbans casually sitting under the Bargad tree with their laathees beside them, singing and humming their traditional ballads and reciting folk songs. I saw children flying kites on the roof tops, murmuring, laughing and speaking their minds as if there was no tomorrow.

    There was a café situated at the end of the road near a fig tree. It is a casual-savory spot for people to hangout and gossip. Giving me a deep insight into the lifestyle of a typical shehri. It is an adorable place with ancient chandeliers, long-framed Pashmina's hinged on the walls and Nusrat sahabs Qawwali's strumming until the dusk ascends . A perfect place for those exhausted and tired khana badosh who seek a tranquil refuge from the busy Bazaars and mohallas.