• hanaan_jr 44w

    You could write the night, but we will write the moon.
    If you put us in jail, we would jump over the walls and still write.
    If you would lodge an FIR against us, we are all set to write about the injustice we are suffering from.
    If you murder us, we will come as the ghosts and still write.
    We will write mentioning the proofs unveiling the murders you have committed.
    You may enjoy jokes sitting in the courts,
    But we will ink the walls, and roads about justice we need.
    We will speak loud enough so even hearing-impaired ones could hear us.
    We will write clear enough so that blind ones could read it.
    You could symbolize the black rose, but we will write about the red rose.
    If you would oppress us on earth, in the afterlife the just will be done.
    We will remember everything. We will not forget it at all.
    #kashmirbleeding #sopore ������

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