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    Hey guys I am starting my new writeup series where we will talk of small changes that can spread positivity in the world!! Do like comment and share if you enjoy my series and if you have any idea for the next writeup of this series let me know in the comments ! Hope you all are having a great mental health !!! Be positive , stay positive , work positive!!

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    A NEW AGE:01

    This 2020 we have faced and withstood a lot of things !! Starting from the global level to the happenings in your own country !! It's almost half of the year and we all have had it all. But still we are ready for each and everything coming on the way . In other words we can say the mental health of most of us has increased. What I actually want to say , this age requires more of mental health than Physical strength . Today most of the individuals ( especially teens) are not mentally fit . Some sorts of pressure maybe family, or educational or relationship issues. This mental pressure causes more pain than a physical injury!! Deep inside we all know that we are all dealing with some of these issues !! Then why do we all only ask about each other's physical health and not mental health !! At this changing age let's take a initiative ! Not only of physical health let's think of the mental health too!! Let's change this and start asking about each other's mental health ..Maybe some of us will say what's the use of this? We don't have much time ! I have my own work ...For them I just wanna say I am not asking you to ask an unknown person whom you don't even know properly I am just asking you take knowledge about the mental health of your closed ones . It may or may not help you but will surely help the injured ones ! It will put a smile on their face and lit up their mind, provide them with the initiative to go ahead with life again ! And don't you think spreading smiles and positivity !! Do share if you like this and spread positivity