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    Mistakes you make can sometimes define you #RandomWriting #Feels

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    Mistakes Forgiven

    A perfect love, A perfect life,
    I made my choices I thought was right.
    You broke my trust with all the lies,
    Leaving me broken in the cold that night.

    Gave you chances, a hundred or so,
    Thought you would change and love me more.
    But the broken things are not meant to be close,
    As they hurt people who are closer though.

    I gave you love, I gave my all,
    You always tried to make me fall.
    I broke the bonds you said was gross,
    And in the end you asked me, "You did anything at all"?

    You will be forgiven for the pain you caused,
    Hope you will realize the love you lost.
    I won't be back this time and this is what you cost,
    Mistakes forgiven but not forgotten the assault.