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    What do you want to know,
    What do you want to see,
    Are you okay with what you are,
    Where do you want to be?
    Do you ever escape the ordinary,
    Or silently accept what they want you to see?
    Do you like to sit back and relax on your couch,
    Or are you in search of answers constantly?

    Does the silent night excite you,
    Does the dripping water send shivers down your spine?
    Is the battery of your phone just for your dose of Netflix
    Or have you ever tried to explore the lithium inside?
    Do you happen to challenge your beliefs
    Or are you unaffected by anything whatsoever?
    It is said that Einstein used 10 percent of his brain
    Did you even think of doing slightly better?!

    Do you drink and scream in your heartbreaks
    Or hug someone and share your pain for a while,
    Or did you ever sit locked inside in a corner,
    Weeping silently, immobile on the bathroom tiles
    Have you ever kept things to yourself,
    Just because of your inability to share it with others,
    Did you ever try the professional act of overthinking,
    And realize that you can do unspeakable wonders?

    Are you so interested in watching movies
    And waiting for the ultimate climax to unfold
    That you never come up with a beautiful thought
    Of writing an incredible storyline of your own?
    Does the tree in your window look good
    Or honestly, you never noticed it before?
    Well, it has around 584 leaves per branch
    And I am still counting, just so you know.

    Does your weekend plan sound good
    With inclusion of a cafe and your large group,
    Or have you ever tried to brew your own coffee
    And sit on a white chair alone on your patio with a book?
    Does being on the stage excite you and seem like an opportunity
    And do you feel amazingly confident in front of the lens?
    Ever thought what it would be like for those
    Who can't even be a part of the audience?

    Have you ever meditated in the morning
    Or tried to spend some time in the quiet?
    Those EDMs may seem appealing in the concerts,
    Ever tried the taste of Beethoven's Sonata Moonlight?
    Did you ever engage in a fight and win
    Or got a chance to inflict some pain?
    Atleast you never had to absorb your anger
    And use your diary at your home to drain.

    You have never tried to question life,
    Never did you try to explore your brain,
    Too absorbed in the reality you seem to be,
    Trust me, the fantasy of your own mind is truly insane.
    Fiction is beautiful and divine
    And much more pleasant than reality,
    What could be more amazing than the power
    To control and be whatever you want to be.

    Yeah we are indeed those introverts
    Welcome to our world, my dear
    Shh, now please be quiet
    Minds are at work here