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    Funny how life works, people do bad things to prove themselves right...even if it means hurting the ones who care about them. Sometimes people are driven insane by their own ego, which clouds their judgements and every other decision which conclude distance and longing in any relationship. This journey of life...its not what a mortal soul can bear. I am no saint, so it would be absurd to say that I am here to give a lesson about life. Sometimes omens are those which leads us where we are. Those are the sacred signs, that God sends us so that we get to know what is the real purpose of our existence.
    "This life would be happy and beautiful, but not without heartbreak. With death comes peace, and pain is the cost of living!" Peace is what we are all fighting for. People make money with loyalty or betrayal to find satisfaction and peace. And even with the entire struggle we go through, we never stop loving. That is the natural human tendency, we just can't help falling for those who care about us. We love them...and with all our heart. Although sometimes it takes a while until we get to know who 'they' really are. And then there comes a time where all 'those' people whom we were sure wouldn't do anything wrong by us, turns out to be the worst of all. But we are blinded by love...and some of us can't even see that the real reason of the hurt is the harsh love, that's made bruises and wounds all over us, slowly turning into scars that could never be erased yet we caresse them, until it becomes a part of our life. But scars are the proof that we have survived them. Here and now we stand our side. Everything will work out in the end you don't need to know how. Just have faith in yourselves. And peace would come flying in your arms.♥️��

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    "This life would be happy and beautiful, but not without heartbreak. With death comes peace and pain is the cost of living!"