• shru_ti 54w

    Then and now

    From ba- ba black sheep to 8 ball pool
    My mind grows after I am passed out from my school
    Skipping the sleeps, stars I enjoy
    Under the solace of heavenly sky
    Keeping my head high.
    From stories of tinker bell to the bells of exams,
    I grow far beyond, my life burgeons.
    From favourite pinks to blues , black and white are now something I clue
    The mouth stuck opens with the beauties of rainbows, these mobile phone are now the reason where my body bow.
    There I go with a smile,
    My hairs look different with a unique style
    Letting people in and out,
    I stay lowkey all around.
    The more I do is still less now,
    I miss when my teacher applaud my work feeling proud.