• 300roses 34w

    The Candle Flame

    Life is like a candle flame.
    In the beginning, the flame burns brilliantly.
    While it burns,
    its light has given warmth & hope to the lives of those around it.
    For the despondent,
    their hearts are comforted.
    For the spirited,
    their hearts are delighted.
    For the hopeless,
    their hope is illuminated.
    For the hopeful,
    their hope grows brighter than ever.
    Yet as life would have it,
    there comes a point where even the brightest light would diminish &
    fade away.
    Melancholy begins to fill the air,
    as the flame starts to dwindle.
    the once vibrant flame becomes smaller and smaller,
    till it burns no more.
    This is life.
    Though the flame has extinguished,
    its vibrance would continue to live in the hearts of those it has touched.