• djehanepoetry 3w


    I grew up surrounded with Poetry, and I loved it!
    It opens up the doors to a world of Harmony, since
    It is the vehicle for immortal things par excellence.
    Poetry seizes a particular moment and frames it,
    Thus converting it into a lifetime!
    Poetry allows you to share your personal
    Experience with others! To communicate
    Your feelings and impressions to the world at large!
    Poetry conveys each and every feeling known to mankind:
    Joy, despair, hope, bitterness, and peace of mind...
    Poetry expresses every sight and sound worth recording:
    Poetry captures a momentum on the wings of butterflies,
    Dewdrops on the petals of roses, waves splashing in the sea,
    The sky turning pink at dawn, and the golden tint of a sunset.
    Yes! Poetry is the language of Beauty, Happiness,
    Grief, Guilt, and Fear! It is indeed a universal language!

    © Djehane Hassouna, 2006

    Rainbow of Emotions, page 73