• uchay_egwuatu 16w

    I am a thief
    A stealer of souls

    I am one who walks the night
    With an army of ghouls
    Feeding of the evil
    That is the heart of men

    I am a brigand
    A collector of wraiths

    I am one whose voice you hear
    At the edge of the cliff
    Before you surrender
    To the darkness within

    I am a bandit
    A marauder of minds

    I am one who sails on the sea of life
    Pillaging and Plundering
    Killing all that is good in you
    Till your heart is as dark as mine

    I am a priest
    A minister of the dusk

    I am one who hunts for disciples
    Converts, who like me
    Will be stuck in endless novena
    To the gloomy gods of the night