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    At the end,
    You'll wake up one morning.
    Wrinkled hands, old.
    And June will be all around you,
    in the mirror,
    in the eyes,
    in gray hair,
    on the window,
    below which
    the world more and more
    flee for nothing.
    A world that more
    it is not what it is
    once was.
    When I loved you
    in all languages in
    the world.
    With eyes that
    they shine with desire
    and hopes for a better tomorrow,
    for a world in which
    are serenades
    sang under the windows,
    and kissed the hands of the ladies.
    And so as you stand,
    in the room,
    in front of the window,
    in June,
    you will want to fly out
    down a long artisan street,
    to one dilapidated house
    in the ghetto,
    and change everything,
    with all the strength of your heart,
    which you don't even hear anymore
    to knock.
    To bring back all the hours,
    and a face that becomes a silhouette.
    But in vain,
    you don't even know what you want anymore,
    nor what you once wanted.
    Well, it's not even that June,
    and those dilapidated ghetto house,
    no more ...
    And only in the old one
    jewelry box,
    there is a picture,
    smiling character,
    etched in memory
    etched in June
    while the world was
    nicer place.
    And as your heart slowly stops,
    it could last an eternity
    live in memories,
    and you don't hear anymore
    last beats,
    and you don't know
    that you dream awake ...

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