• akashprasadsah 33w

    Dear Love,

    I never thought we will come this far,
    It still feels like a dream.
    When I look at you, my shining star .

    You bought me sunshine when I only saw rain.
    Your presence kept me smiling when I only felt pain.

    I never expected we will still be holding each other's back,
    Despite all the fights, wars n good conversation we lacked.
    I'm sorry for keeping you wait these days,
    As u know,I'm struggling to handle too many things parallely.
    Trying making out my way.
    And thank you for all the maturity u have shown,
    It shows in past fews months how much you have grown.

    As u know, time was less , exams nearby.
    So abhi ka liya itna hi
    Miles more to walk with you.
    Constantly, Consistently, Continuously
    I want you.

    Thank you for being born!

    A very happy 19 to you ‚Ě£.