• diana733 99w

    Here I am like a person of nonentity
    Few months are like an entity
    The shine ,the lustre of life ,sort of lost with this anxiety.
    I was cheerful, like Anne before Hitler's reign
    But such a down pour of emptiness, please stop this rain!
    Even my piece of art seems to me all vain,
    I got on the top of my world ,kind of.
    I was treated well like a majesty ,oh! That wasn't smooth, instead rough.
    Gradually from inside ,I grew more empty, dark and pale.
    Even the biggest happiness seemed paltry;the ail.
    I feel like nothing even after achievements' storm and hail.
    Somebody help me. I gotta fill the void and get back to my lost happiness and hope's trail!!

    #mirakee #pod #postoftheday

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