• ibtidatahsinibnat 42w


    My friends love me .They love me because they love the stories I tell them of me . But they don't know that these are really just stories. They love me because I don't get angry at any one. They don't know that I just got used to it . They also love my perfect life. They don't know that worst things are not to be said. They love me for my confidence. They don't know the amount of times I shuddered. They love the funny stories of mine they don't know the ugly ones. They love me as a people's person .They
    didn't see the girl who used to cry alone. They know me as the popular kid of the school .They didn't know the girl who was being bullied for being the new girl. They love me for doing the right .But they don't know the wrong things happened to me .They love me but they won't love the journey that make me their loveable.