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    I grew my hairs long,
    To be a Rapunzel of today,
    Thought I might climb down
    my dark chamber of conundrum,
    But my hair developed split ends,
    I trimmed them so they could grow healthier,
    Yet ended up chopping them short,
    Perhaps I too have fallen prey to
    the trends of Today.

    I read of Belle proclaiming her love,
    For a prince-turned-beast or vice-versa.
    I read of Hansel and Gretel saving themselves,
    Roasting a wicked witch to death inside her own oven.
    I read of Snow white awakened from
    an eternal sleep,
    By a kiss from her beloved prince.

    So many fairytales live within castles,
    Made from shifting sands of false hopes,
    Perhaps they're metaphors of mere sympathy,
    Gifted so as to veil the fleeting images
    of golden childhoods,
    From the baleful rays of reality's sorcery.

    Now I sleep on a bed of thorns,
    Their tips seem blunted by my own
    efforts at mastering the art of survival,
    I dream of a prince charming to come,
    Plant a kiss on my dieing lips,
    And rescue me from living this eternal death,
    But I failed to see when I turned into
    A Maleficent myself;
    An unforeseen yet inevitable twist
    to the tale of Snowwhite.

    Perhaps once again,
    I've fallen prey,
    Yet this time not to the trends of Today,
    But a theory long proposed called,
    "Survival of the fittest"
    Whether the world calls me a patient
    Of Narcissistic personality disorder
    Or someone just adept at scapegoating,
    Maybe I don't care either.