• tinaywillgo 70w

    Let’s face it, no matter how much you love each other, it is very easy to fall into routines. It’s hard not to envy a couple that just started dating even when you’re in a happy relationship. The beginning is always fun, care free and sweet. You don’t fight because there’s nothing to fight about. You don’t know each other’s weaknesses yet and you’re in no rush to find out. You don’t care about anything besides being with that person and getting to know that person.

    Once you get a few months into the relationship, all the secrets start coming out... The emotions, the pet peeves, the flaws, the bad habits, the mood swings... But it’s too late you are already in too deep. It’s not all bad though, the love grows. Your patience grows, your communication grows and if you can take all the bad things that come and still keep some of the fun and sweetness from the beginning of your relationship then you have all the keys to a beautiful and successful relationship. The reality of love is that at some point you will fight or disagree, you can put it off for as long as you want but it will happen and when it does, you have to handle it the best way you can. Any relationship worth having is worth fighting for.

    That's when you love, both needs to embrace darkness and light of their relationship.