• stewpid_ 103w

    Been three years
    Since I know him

    Very quiet kinda boy
    No, he doesn’t talk much
    Or maybe he don’t talk at all?


    Sits at the back
    That too ALONE


    He doesn’t go to playgrounds
    Maybe sport isn’t his thing?


    But he doesn’t even score well….
    Then maybe he can dance well or sing?


    Yeah, I’ve tried talking to him
    But my friends pulled me back
    He’s a freak they say
    Maybe they are right?


    I’ve heard him cry in the washroom
    Multiple times
    That’s when I’d know
    Even boys cry


    I saw his wrist bleed
    Last week
    How did he get this injury?
    Maybe it’s result of some accident
    Or tragedy?


    My boyfriend trolls him
    Every now and then
    He says it fun
    When he cries like that of ten


    I went to his funeral today
    He committed suicide
    They say


    His mom was crying
    And father went pale
    They called it a murder
    Maybe they have gone mad
    ‘Cause of all that pain?

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    Is he a Freak?
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