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    "I'm a flame shot of fire
    I'm the dark in need of light"
    - Firestone, Kygo

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    The grief one calm person faces
    When he looks at the chaotic places
    Engulfing him into the madness of the air
    That surrounds him, making him feel like he's their player
    Is the kind of sadness which is addictive
    Where his demon whom he described as vindictive
    Ultimately got his revenge and won
    In the battle of good and bad, he was the one
    Who wore the crown, and the good is now held hostage
    In the reign of his darkness and now the calm person's soul is savage.

    He wants to believe that everything is written,
    He wants to believe that the devil inside him is driven
    By his fate and destiny which has something good stored in the future
    But he can't help have thoughts which would ultimately rupture
    All his hopes and dreams and would make his soul hollow from inside
    Where the good hiding inside him, no longer wants to reside.
    He wants to believe his fate
    But if he sees his fate getting filled with hate
    How can he believe it has something worth the wait?
    It's better to give in, accept defeat and make the demon his mate.

    He looks at the lines of his palm, they are blurred
    He doesn't hear the advice the world gives him for he has been left unheard
    Many a times in places when he was about to hit the surface
    And had no one to call or anyone understand his place.
    So now when he is numb, the world expects him to hear their sound
    He questions, "Where were you when I was on the ground?"
    Can't you tell by now that it's not him talking?
    Can't you tell by now that on the streets it's not him walking?
    It's the darkness inside him that is.
    It's the demon inside him that is.

    In the war of good and bad
    The bad won, and oh it's so sad
    To see how chaos can change you
    And bring out a strange you
    A desensitised you
    A hurt you
    A sad you.

    He wants to believe in Maktub and in the lines of his palm
    But he has left his fate in the hands of the gloominess inside him.
    Everything is written,
    This pain in written.
    "Guess this must be my in my stars," he says.
    "Guess I shouldn't fight anymore," he says.
    And he accepts.
    He accepts.