• the_writer25 148w

    I was addicted to your structure
    But didn't know who you were from inside
    I am the one who you've tortured
    You say that you don't know me now

    You were stuck inside my mind
    Myriads of your images were in my head
    I can't get you out of my sight
    Even if you aren't not around here

    Now I know that you lied to me
    I wasn't familiar with that before
    Your words were just cutting me off
    Cause they were like sharp knives

    I wore your oversized t-shirt and waited so long
    I slept with it and saw the time just passing by
    You show that you're not missing me then you're wrong
    I can prove it what you think as you are fake

    Never call me from now
    It's the best advice i can give you
    So i never replied your messages and calls
    I can see your bad shadow cause it's not new

    You made me out of control
    I wasn't that butterfly anymore
    I should've called you asshole
    When you threw me near the shore

    I already knew that you got someone else
    But i don'twant to your sombody new
    I know she must be better than me
    So all i can say you is a goodbye


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    After i had that coversation with you
    I got to know that you've been cheating on me
    I wasn't surprised cause i was sure
    I knew that everything you told were lies
    But i believed you cause i was a fool
    And now am not ok cause am hurt