• superrita_21 14w

    Frozen Moment

    My longing for meeting you
    Kept growing in solitude

    Here comes the day , after soo long
    Quenching my thirsty heart , under your gentle loving waterfall

    Ah, 'The kiss ' was very refreshing
    Wish the clock showed some mercy stopped ticking

    Life around me & you come to standstill
    Universe freeze that moment never-ending

    One lifetime is'nt enough to be with you
    Wish all my dreams come true

    What a magical mystery is love , my dearest one?
    Guess a puzzle, unsolved equation by anyone

    Just being with you is all I want
    Nostalgic memories of you always haunt

    No matter, you live within me every day
    Treasured deep in my heart & soul
    my sweetheart Babe