• pappushin 55w

    Dear stranger

    Do you have a moment to spare?
    Let us have some small talks.
    It's not that I don't have friends to talk with,
    It's just that-i don't see the world in the way they do.
    And the pain in your eyes, is comparable to mine.
    Let us talk about life,
    Just tell me what you went through,
    I'll share you my burdern too.

    Dear Stranger, i just want a moment of your life.
    We can gossip about your first love,
    I'll tell you how sweet was my first kiss.
    Let us talk about something - about anything,
    Anything nice that makes me forget my past,
    That makes your face brighter.

    Let us talk - i can see Anxiety right behind me,
    Before it grabs me, swallows every piece of me- Please Stranger, just have a seat and listen to me. ❤


    On days when i feel low, i just want someone to listen to what i am going through.
    Hope it relates to you guys a little ❤