• heartsease 40w

    Espoir, Rain-bows /to Hope/

    As the last winter wave
    recede back to the oak tree I look
    at flaxen bright sun resembling
    to ripened mango with vengeance,
    for summer no more yields roses
    and sunflowers evenly, nor does
    men and women take uniform steps
    on Gogh's canvas of briskly hued

    I pull up my gaze and stare at
    the chaos which spreads like
    Monsoon rain, burdening already
    weighted shoulders around this
    vicinity. Ma says flowers were
    women at ancient times, existing
    as daughters of kasturi which
    took birth from the womb of deer,
    she tells tales that they are delicate
    and outburst in cacophony.

    The skin etched on my flesh
    looks dark like those grey clouds
    blooming at June evening and
    it pricks me, tongues, like needles
    going in and out. There lights a
    rainbow on the candle of hope
    every time a flower blooms in
    spring, it reminds me of colleen
    victories and teaches me to be
    resilient when the last winter
    wave recede back to the oak tree.

    Not exactly a #myth

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