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    V E R O N I C A

    This lake reminds me of Veronica,
    Her blue ocean eyes and the sparkle in them.
    Whenever she would sit by this lake,
    I feel her here more than anywhere else.
    In this grey mist I can sense her mysterious beauty.
    The silence around me is reflecting her presence.
    The wet fragrance is reminiscent of her relinquish.
    And the dim wintry sun displaying her pale twinkles.

    It's funny how we used to make sand castles
    Like we were building our dreams together.
    Those misery waves always washed those sands,
    And now they have also washed away my ambitions.
    "Veronica, I have to tell something."
    "Yes?" as always with a bright smile,
    "Veronica, don't you love me?"
    Can still remember your faded light.

    I wanted to cleave your dark sky with my kite,
    I was craving to reach your shoreline like the waves,
    But you cut the string before the kite was flown,
    And alike the coast you pushed me away.

    Hey Veronica?

    Do you still remember me?

    There's a deep "You" impact in me.
    But I guess my footprints are no
    Longer in your life beach.