• nawikrita_t_rai 122w


    The flowers in my garden: friendship, love and acquaintance
    Bloomed in full fragrance
    In scents of belief, regard and trust
    As the months marched from April to August.

    Ravaging winds blew up the ground
    And reality was found,
    Some only swayed while some uprooted
    Disaster arrived and minds polluted.

    Like a dartboard I lay open for all
    With each word thrown neared my fall
    Shooting at every sphere of my life but missing the point
    Shattering every corner and cutting off all my joints.

    In doubt, in confusion, and in pain
    In misjudgement, embarrassment and in shame.

    I cried with Job, "O Lord! Remember me, your handcrafted clay"
    Don't forsake me, don't leave me here today,
    My Saviour saith,
    "Hupomeno: remain in vibrant faith."

    Praise God! Devil is bucking at what I'm doing
    Sending pawns to attack and to ruin
    God's will that I want to carry
    His Spirit that abides in me.

    Their mistake is not my truth
    I will not let them buy my youth
    Kneeling, praying or even crawling
    Yet determined to answer His calling.