• _chandrakshi_ 35w


    She thought she was beautiful just like everyone,
    She thought that everyone would look at her inner beauty just like she did,
    She thought beauty was not defined by shape, colour or size.

    Time passed by, she grew up.
    She realised her definition of beauty was really faulty,
    In a world of fair and lovely she would forever be the ugly duckling;
    In a world of slim and trim, she would forever be a fatso.

    She really liked festivals and new clothes
    But then she realised trendy clothes were not really for her,
    Now every time relatives had to bring in new clothes they would ask for her size with a smirk.

    The camera mesmerized her as a little girl,
    Now she refuses to get clicked because pictures would put her ugliness on display.

    //She is not the same as she was years back,
    Her double chin came with a double a pack of bodyshaming;
    Her curves came in with a rollercoaster of negativity
    On days she even wonders why she is living,
    Online body positivity doesn't encourage her to love herself,
    As days go by she inflicts scars on her body hoping that slowly and slowly one day they will let her sleep peacefully, forever and ever and ever //