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    She embraced her daughter, saying with a motherly excent "C'mere! Dear!", and shared a mother daughter moment with Ashley. She hugged her tightly. After a few minutes, Benny enters. He jokingly pushed Ashley and took the place in his mother's lap. Mother felt so loved and rich but didn't wanted to spoil her kids with love so she lightly scolded Benny, "Benny! Mind yourself, she is your elder sister!" . She kept watching at the 2 pairs of shiny bright eyes who were the reason of her smile.

    "Vanessa? Vanessa, are you in there?", came a call from her beloved husband, Jayden. To his surprise, he encountered the prettiest moment of his life . He stood smiling and watching his wife and kids caressing each other. Then at last, when he couldn't resist the temptation to join them, he went and hugged his whole family with his broad arms. They were the people he adored the most. From far away they looked like a happy family. And as Vanessa lived the most precious moment of her life, her eyes wet with moisture, she cried happy tears.

    The kids had never interrupted their mother while working before, but today they did. Because their mother was on a 15 days journey, Venice. She was on a tour to explore the city for the plot description. Her book was about to end. Suddenly Jayden announced, "Dear! It will be your honour to have food cooked by me !" And she spilt into peels of laughter. They had a delicious lunch together. And she spent the whole with most favorite people.

    At night, she sat to write that eloquent line again but couldn't manage to awaken her agile mind to bring those words back. Again she sat on that faded seat , her head held in her hands. Jayden noticed his wife in this stupor, bent in exhaustion. Vanessa discussed the plot with him, but she couldn't hide the croaking of her voice, for she was nervous. This novel meant alot to her. At last, she broke completely in front of her man, and Jayden did his best to embrace his woman. She was stable now, but the affection still present. She suddenly caught a glimpse of her children, who were being naughty brats were now united and were playing in harmony. She kept looking at them and tried to understand their chemistry. A quick realization hit her mind that the thing she was searching in the unknown land of Venice was right infront of her. Her strength resides in her family and she never needed the tour. The very inspiration was her family. And she wrote the bst end for the book.


    Vanessa was in a nervous state, but tried to control her tears, cause she didn't wanted to smudge her mascara. Jayden put his hand around her shoulder and her children kept saying to her "Mom! We know it's gonna be you! Don't worry!" . And when the gentleman announced, "the award of bestseller of the year goes to......" her heart was drumming vigorously. "Vanessa L'engle!" , completed the sentence, the gentleman and whole room was reverberating with loud applaud.

    So i think i haven't done justice to the end but guys this was my first try to such a genre.
    Hope u like it.������

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