• psammie 55w


    Commmited to our cause
    A kindled empathy yet burning strong
    Resolutely staring death in the face everyday
    Holding the line at the front line.

    This is no ordinary war
    Nor the battlefield a familiar kind
    The barely visible hostiles close in from all directions
    Every front is a front line.

    Where do they come from?
    For whom do these adversaries fight?
    Damning or turning our own with a single touch
    They must not breach the front line.

    Civilians are caught in the cross fire
    The ground laced with mines of controversy and ignorance
    Stay low, stay safe
    Let's respect the sacrifices-- the sacrifices at the front line.

    Say them a prayer
    Toss them a coin or two
    Salute to the vanguards
    The ones at the front line.